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Make your editing and writing life easier with Denise and Louise

Aug 7, 2019

Denise and Louise offer guidance on changing your editor. Listen more to find out about:

  • Why authors change editors
  • Planning ahead and giving notice
  • Whether the editor should get involved in sourcing a replacement
  • Checking T&Cs and cancellation policies
  • Information and tools to share with the new editor

Editing bites

  • The NCW Podcast (National Centre for Writing):
  • Oxford Dictionary of English Idiom
  • Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms

Other resources

  • The different levels of editing (booklet):
  • The Editing Podcast, S1E1: The different levels of editing
  • The Editing Podcast, S1E10: How to find an editor
  • The Editing Podcast, S1E7: Style sheets for writing and editing

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Denise and Louise

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  • Louise Harnby | Fiction Editor:

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